It qualifies a set of constructive solutions that have in common to provide the necessary for their external face; as a thermal envelope. It was born as a façade rehabilitation resource providing energy savings and is currently also applied in new construction due to its proven advantages.

It has its origin in Central Europe around 1950 to protect itself from the cold and to save energy in architecture.. It is currently used worldwide, also in dry areas like Dubai , for heat protection.

The combination on site of various materials forms the system:

  • Aluminum starting perimeter profile for the correct alignment and leveling of the system as well as a watertight starting point on the façade, party wall, patio…
  • Isolation. EPS sheet installation (Expanded polystyrene) or mineral wool in the chosen thickness (recommended minimum: 6 cm).
  • Anchoring the insulation boards to the façade by means of fixings with minimal thermal bridging action.
  • Sealing and reinforcing windows and corners of the house. Through various types of PVC corner pieces accompanied by fiberglass mesh. They adhere with special mortar.
  • Integral coated. The insulation boards are covered with fiberglass mesh soaked in special mortar.
  • Primer and finish using structured plasters from 1mm to 3mm in the chosen color. Silicate plasters, synthetic resin, acrylic, of sylicon(with nanotechnology), etc. Because the rear thermal insulation avoids the diffusion of the heat the energy of the sun incident on the approximately 3 mm of reinforced concrete with fiberglass mesh can reach temperatures of up to 80 ° C.

Silicone resin plasters and paints, thanks to nanotechnological development, have very high waterproofing capacity, but at the same time they are very breathable. For this reason, they get very little dirty and are very resistant to meteorological actions., maintaining its hydrophobicity and its color fastness over time.

SATE Systems must be applied by specialized companies, since there are some steps to follow that guarantee the correct operation of these systems.

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