Roof waterproofing with rubber

When a roof has problems of humidity or water seepage, it must be waterproofed.. Currently the fastest and most economical way to do it is by means of Rubber Paint and fiberglass..

Fiberglass is a product that is highly resistant to weather changes and also to attacks caused by external agents on the market..

It is a totally waterproof and alkalinity resistant product., perfect for the ultimate goal we pursue. Its maintenance is very simple, since it requires little maintenance, which is a great advantage over other materials that are usually used for this type of work.

Compared to older systems, fiberglass offers many benefits and improvements. Thus, it is a material more than suitable for waterproofing a terrace.

Once the fiberglass mesh is in place, apply as many layers of rubber paint as necessary on top.

The Rubber is a one-component water-based resin. Owns a great elasticity Y, once applied, withstands small cracks and fissures that appear in construction materials without breaking.

The rubber paint is recommended forwaterproof terraces and facades that are exposed to adverse weather conditions. It maintains itselastic and waterproofing properties, even in situations where there iswater stagnation.   

Despite beingimpermeable, let the materials breathe: when theRubber dries up, form awater barrierthat allows steam to continue to escape to the outside of the home.

Given its composition, prevents the verdigris, grasses or mold get on its surface, avoiding stains and weed growth.

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